The Ocean Race is about the men and women who are brave enough to take part and is considered the ultimate test for a team in the sport.

The first step in the registration process for The Ocean Race is ‘registration’, whereby teams pay a fee of €5,000 to gain access to materials and information relating to The Ocean Race 2022-23.

The teams listed have all completed the registration process.

There are several other projects in the IMOCA class that are actively developing campaigns for the next race, but have yet to register.

Would you like to follow the teams during the race of their lives? You can! Check the teams in real time here.


Offshore Team Germany (GER)
11th Hour Racing Team (USA)
Spanish Team (ESP)
TR Racing (FRA)
Paul Meilhat (FRA)
Team Malizia (GER)
French Campaign (FRA)
Tigress Racing (GBR)
China Sports (CHN)
Asian Team
Mission for the Future (European)
Nuraxi Team (ITA)
SC Brasil Esporte Náutico
Italia Sailing Team (ITA)

VO65 class

W Ocean Racing (NED)
Ocean Racing GMBH (AUT)
Sailing Poland (POL)
Sialing Holland (SWE/NED)
Team Baltic (LIT)
Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team (POR)
Team Mexico (MEX)